>Life……. in the caves

>On Monday I went with Christian, Jenn’s boyfriend, down to Barra Honda which is also a National Park. Spent the night at his families house and celebrated Costa Rica’s Independence Day on Tuesday. Sooooo great. If you ever come to Costa Rica, you MUST MUST MUST take a trip to this park. Caves, animals, a spectacular view point and great people.

The festival in Nicoya was interesting. People were everywhere, the parade lasted well over 3 hours. And it consisted only of students in bands. Drums and bells. That’s it. Including the ocassional dancers and flag holders. Venders around sold typical food….pork or chicken on a stick with rice. Rice with everything. Tried my luck at a pinnapple/carrot juice and it was delish!

My lunch in Barra Honda. Joe, a Ranger there, told me to eat the entire bowl. It was leche con tortilla’s heated up. Hahah. Couldn’t stop laughing

The decent into the cave, 17 meters down to start, deeper once inside.

Cute little guy!

Huge….HUGE centipede

Named “the family” another natural formation of calcium

The caves started as a centimeter of calcium carbonate

“you go first”

Hidde room, untouched

coral fossils

Eggs anyone?

Waterfall or exploded milkshake…

Looking up

She was coming through the hole we all had to crawl and twist through. Not normal for the human body to do this, it made the experience!

“holy moly”

Sharks teeth???

Just another day in a cave……

They call the big things hanging papaya

We sat here and chilled for a bit before leaving, so awesome!

A vulture gliding over

Looking at Costa Ricas largest island in the Nicoya Peninsula

Hanging out with a University class during the tour

Howler monkeys throwing things at us on the way down from the cave

Christian and his mom, preparing coconut juice

In the morning in Barra Honda, I was on the patio with Christian’s mom and she started screaming. This Boa was 1 meter from the patio. It was completely still until Christian came.

Then it regurgitated the toad and tried to run, but no luck.

Onto the celebration of Costa Rica’s Independence day on September 15th. Went with a couple Germans, a few Barra Honda park workers and Christian to see the parade in Nicoya.

Kids of every size showing their stuff

Macy’s parade, I think not.

Please note they are wearing heels.

Watching the 3 hour parade of drums!

Traditional dresses


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I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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