>Playa Samara

>What a great last 5 days. Ok, who am I kidding, what a great last 2 months.

First and foremost….need to say: Feliz Cumpleanos para Lauren y Claude! Hope you both had great birthdays last week. The big 18 for my cous Lauren and 50 for my uncle Claude! Keep ’em coming!

Went to Playa Samara with Sindy and Alonso. Sindy’s family lives there, owns a restaurant and hotel right on the beach. Spent my time on the beach….walking, running, swimming.

At one point I swam out to a stationary boat with a few new amigos. Was interesting being so far out in the ocean, made me feel pretty small!

A few of my favorites from the trip:
-Watching the sunrise on the beach
-Harvesting and drinking fresh coconuts (pipas)
-Standing in the back of a truck, weaving around the mountains to the beach of turtles
-Learning how to make Chicharrones
-And this has to be the best….Last night I was convinced by a high school guy to call the house of his girl’friend’ because he’d already called twice and her father wasn’t impressed. Talking to the mom in Spanish was pretty interesting, while I had two guys whispering in my ears more words!

Now…..the trip in photos!

PLaya Samura when the tide’s low…..

When the tide is up!

Puerto Carrillo

No biggie, just crossing a huge river in the truck,en route to see turtles!

Ariel and I rode in the back for the 1.5 hr trip, much roomier than having 5 in the front!
(Ariel is Sindy’s little brother)

The beach where we were supposed to see turtules, no turtles this day tho!

Playa Corozalito…..Protected area for turtles to lay eggs

This is what happens when people don’t throw their trash in the garbage…

Learning how to make Chicharrones, lessons from Sindy’s father

My turn to stir….I was loving this.

Finished Chicharrones! You don’t want to know what these are made of! They go great with a torilla and lime!

When in Rome……..This shot was put in front of me by Sindy’s mom and dad. I had no choice. After I took it they told me what kind of egg, I’d like to say “sorry” to the turtle that I ate in Samara.

Watching Costa Rica beat Trinidad and Tobago in futbol!
Restaurant Meli!

LOBSTER!!!!!! This is at Sindy’s moms restaurant. It was GIGANTIC! And delicious!


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Me sending my best to you!

Quite the life for the horses here….mountains, palm trees, the ocean!

Ahhhh another sunset!

Playa Samara at it’s finest.

The sunrise this morning before I had to leave….Sunrises here around 5:30 every morning.

The restaurant in Samara that Sindy’s parent work at.

This is the hotel that I stayed at. If you find your way to Samara someday please stop by to say hi to Sindy’s family, they’ll treat you like you’re one of them! Such a great place, has a kitchen that guests can use and is only 50 meters from the beach!!!!!!!

Back at the Tree House Hotel
now, this is what just happened! Loooovvvvveeee Yooouuuuuuu Costa Rica


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I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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