>Vara Blanca, La Paz Waterfall and Volcano Poas

>Talk about a history lesson. WHAT A TRIP!!!!!

Just got back to the Tree Houses in Monteverde. Great trip to Vara Blanca. Went there with my roommate Will because the little pueblo is his home town. It’s up in the mtns, very cold and perfect for growing Strawberries and coffee. The rest of the land is filled with cows.


Do you remember last year, January 8th? Because every person in Costa Rica does, the day of the last disastrous earth quake. Turns out, the epicenter was extremely close to Vara Blanca, the post in this photo represents the epicenter.

The destruction is hard for me to describe and the event is hard to imagine, but 10 months after the earth quake, they’re still repairing roads, reconstructing houses and hotels and trying to piece life back together. Here’s more information on the earthquake. Also, a video

We walked for a bit on a closed road so I could see a massive destruction where the earthquake took lives, houses and the road for at least 100meters. A very surreal moment in my life.

That day we went to the La Paz Waterfall gardens, a really cool spot. Obviously waterfalls, only two were open because 3 of the other bridges had been destroyed by the earthquake. At the waterfall gardens we saw birds, monkeys, sloths, flowers, and butterflies.

Went back to San Jose for a day, to give it a second chance. Had a chance to learn about food distribution with Alonso, he sells pineapples to large grocery stories. WOW, what an experience. In the center, spent some time in the Gold Museum, one of 3 in the world.

About jumped out of the truck when I saw Volcano Poas shooting out smoke, it’s smoking with sulfur almost everyday. The national park for Volcano Poas is the most visited place in Costa Rica. After seeing it, I know why.

Poas smoking

The lake from the first hole in Poas, now filled with acidic water

Was lucky enough to stay at one of Will’s friends house. Gustavo owns ‘Muy Tranquilo‘ a souvenir store in Poasito, on the way to Volcano Poas. This little store is great GREAT! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I guarantee you will too, if you come to CR, put this on your list.

Contact Gustavo Araya for an amazing cup of coffee or for awesome hammocks!

Drank my first cup of coffee here in Costa Rica. A little nervous, because I drank A LOT more than one!

They call this the poor mans umbrella!

Palmito (a cheese roll) Tasted like have goat cheese, half bread roll. VERY Common here!

The view from Poas Lodge & Restaurant

Hitchhiking home! (aka….waiting for the bus)

Another life changing trip…………Thank you!


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