>Corn Islands Nicaragua

>Paradise that’s untouched and I’ll tell you why…………..at times it feels as if its impossible to reach and even more impossible to leave. Patiently waited 36 hours on Big Corn Island for a boat, any boat, to take our group back to the main land. 2 Sweds, 4 Canadians, 1 Aussie and 2 Americans. Talk about a group!

(Patiently waiting)

NOTE: The Sweds opted for an expensive flight instead of the adventure, after 24 hours of waiting.

To pass time we bought Flor de Cana, we went snorkeling, we ate too much bread….again. The water was crystal blue, a big bath tub. As I was on a snorkel trip with one of my groupies, we spotted what we identified as a 7 ft Eagle ray being followed by 3 white tip reef sharks. THEE highlight of being on Big Corn. I bout drown by taking in too much water when we spotted the group gliding on the bottom of the ocean about 10 feet below us.

(this is why I was safe, traveling with fellow backpackers!)

After camping on the dock all day Friday we found a captain of a broke down lobster boat that would take us back. We were going to be towed to Bluefields. Trip time: 8 or more hours.
Left port at 11pm and swayed our way to mainland. I slept on the back boards under the stars for a few of those hours. And after being off the boat now for a day, I’m still rocking.

Our hotel room for the night was a broke down lobster boat!

Boat-Boat-Boat-Bus-Bus-Taxi-Bus in 24 hours and I’m here in Leon. This is what I’m feeling:

-I’m addicted to bread. Coconut bread to be exact, the coconut bread kids on Little Corn have ruined me.

-Also addicted to rum cake. If you want to try to make it, email me, but prepare yourself for a shock. Its worth it. I dream about it now.

-I never want to go back to Bluefields. If I decided to visit the corn islands again, I’ll fly. It’s tiring playing the local game of ‘tell the tourists the wrong info and send them in the opposite direction that they need.’ If someone wanted to make some money all they’d have to do is set up a schedule for boats coming and going from the islands. It’s so random its impossible for travelers to get there. And that my friends is why they do it, preserving paradise!!!
-The shower last night was the best early Christmas present ever. 3-4 days of not showering had me feeling bad for my seatmates on the buses.
-the vendors that come onto the bus are my favorite entrepreneurs ever. Tacos, empanadas, salad in a bag, peanut brittle, bread, pudding, or fried chicken. You can get it all without having to leave your seat, why other countries don’t do this is beyond me.

(“pollo frito, ensalada, chile, diez cordobas” “chicharones, ensalda, chile” “tortillas con queso y ensalda” ” naranja” “jugo, gaseosa’s“….this is what they say when they walk down the bus isle!~)

-Bargaining for everything keeps my entertained. Yesterday I helped one of my groupies by a hammock and rope for $10. Then spent time talking the ice cream man down 15cents. Its not about the money, its about the game!

Normal thing….cleaver in one hand, sugar cane in the other!

After 2 weeks on the Caribbean, I’m now 15k’s away from the Pacific Ocean. Thinking about going Volcano sledding in the near future….no snow, but volcano’s?–When in Rome!


About haileerustad

I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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