>Walked the border crossing to El Salvador!

>First and foremost: Happy Birthday to my sis Angie on Dec 17, the big 30 baby!! And today, to my Aunt Joan, the big 30 for another year!!!!

In El Salvador. To all those people who said it’s too dangerous to enter, I must send my condolences to you, because this place is breathtaking. And the best part – the people.

(got biked across the NI-Honduras border)

Left Nicaragua, crossed Honduras in 2 hours to get to El Salvador. Walked my first border to El Salvador. And after 8 different buses in one day, I landed in Alegria El Salvador. Only fitting, I slept in Casa de Alegre (Happy House!) And that place was happy. Christmas trees in the park, pupusas (new food for me) to feed a small army and so many smiles by everyone.

(kids celebrating the Christmas story)

Went up to Laguna de Alegria (a crater lake formed from the Volcano Tecapa.) They say you can swim, after taking in lungs full of sulfur I decided just to play in the mud. And after feeling the hot water from one of the springs, I think it might have been the best decision of the day!

El Salvador new food for me. Pupusoas: corn meal and inside is cheese and beans, sometimes pig rhines. Sooo good. And again, fried!

Few days spent in Alegria, now in Perquin. North-Easter El Salvador. Small quaint town with lots of history. I don’t want to dive deeply into something I’m still uneducated about but long story short….

El Salvador’s civil war led to relations with Ronald Regan in the 1980’s. Who, we the U.S.A, helped fund the army, who then started cleansing by mascaraing thousands of people. Today I visited the small town of El Mozoto, where over 800 people were killed in the 3 day period.

800 people. Separated from their families and executed. In 1981. Think about that for a minute.

Men, women, and kids. Even saw a name of a baby 3 days old. Then proceeded to look at all the faces of those killed in the museum. Shook hands with a guerrilla turned museum guide, who said he didn’t hold regrets toward the US and welcomed me to ask any questions. I stood in awe, breath taken away, goose bumps on my arms as my body ran chills up and down my spine.

Really interested, you can read this. El Mozote!

Then spent a few hours playing in Rio Sapo. All in a good days work!

Jumping……..some of you need to be doing this soon. you know who you are!

Will be here for awhile. It’s just that good!~

Peace, love and Happy Holidays!


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I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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