>Can you answer my question?

>After many discussions with other travelers, I gave up and started Googling today. Wanting to know this:

Which country’s citizens travel the most per capita?

I ask because since I’ve been on the road I’ve met a variety of people from all over the world. Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Israel, South Africa, England, Canada, Australia, Wales, France, Netherlands and hardly a handful from the US.

If I were to guess populations by the travelers I’d say that Israel, Canada and Australia are the most populated countries, but that’s far from true!

1 China[5] 1,334,940,000 ppl 19.65%

Chinese Official Population Clock

2 India 1,174,410,000 ppl 17.29%

Indian Official Population Clock

3 United States 308,243,000 ppl 4.54%

United States Official Population clock

4 Indonesia 231,369,500 ppl 3.41%

Statistics Indonesia

5 Brazil 192,252,000 ppl 2.83%

Brazilian Official Population Clock

Pasted from <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_population>

Most statistics say 20-30% of US citizens hold passports. This is a hot topic and comes up quite often in hotel/hostel conversations. However, after my Google rampage this morning, I’ve come up with 0 hard facts. Some bloggers reporting false facts but no credible sites. Why is this? Why won’t governments post facts on their citizens holding passports?

This search does produce interesting results:

country with most millionaires: US, Japan, Britain

happiest country: Costa Rica

most visited country: France

country that makes the most off of tourism: USA

So do you know anything about this? I’m curious!

PS check out this site, maybe you’ll find it as facinating as I did: US & World Population Clock


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