>What to do in Guatemala today?

>You know you’re a backpacker when:

You’re walking down the side walk.  Big backpack on the back and little one on the front.  You’re shades broke so everyone can see you crying.  Crying because you just said goodbye to your bestie after traveling two weeks with one crazy chica.  You’re carrying a sack of stuff you bargained for at the market, in the morning, in one hand.  A half cut watermelon in the other.  The view on the sidewalk straight ahead is of a volcano.  And upon entering the cheapest hostel you just found, other backpackers just give you a nod.  As if saying, ‘totally know what you’re going through right now, pase adelante!’

Going to ramble a bit.  This is a blog more for me today.  Been in Central America now for over 6 months.  Living.  Working.  Learning.  Traveling.  And for the majority of those 6 months I was with people I just met.  Other than the 5 days with my sisters, I hadn’t had face to face contact with a friend that knew me for more than a month.  And then Anna came.  WOW!  What a different take on traveling.  So many times we laughed until we cried.  So many times we’d stop, recap what we just saw or heard and say ‘that really DID just happen’ or ‘only in Central America.’  So much fun to share those moments.

Here’s a quick example, Anna you should really elaborate on this.

When we were in Semuc Champey (village) we needed internet to call Anna’s mom, it was her birthday.  Why we thought it would be a quick cheap trip to Lanquin, I don’t know.  9 kms away, it was $10 in transportation, remember grain trucks with tarps on the tops in which we were 2 feet too tall to stand in, we get to the ‘internet cafe’ and it sounds like bombs are exploding.  The kids playing killing games with a sound system.  Outside while Anna was on the computer, I see a kid playing soccer with no pants on.  Then another kid peeing off the side of a church.  Twenty minutes later, waiting for the ride back we watch a soccer game in the street.  We were approached by a drunk man with machete.  He offered us a ride in his car back to Semuc.  As he harassed us, the tienda owners next door laughed and watched.  Only to our amazement, it got more interesting as we saw a dog molest a pig on one side of the game, a  kid run through the middle with his shorts on his head and a turkey chilling on the other side.  All completely normal to the people around us.  A two hour unforgettable internet trip. 

Now, not decompressing but revamping myself.  It’s different traveling with another person.  The things you think about are different.  The worries.  The necessities.  The ideas.  The conversations.  Will be staying in Guatemala for some time longer.  Not sure what to do yet, but when it comes to me, I’ll be on the next bus outta Antigua.

Anna and I have ideas rolling now.  We’re looking to get paid to travel.  We decided this worlds’ playground is just too much fun to skip, we want to explore it all!  Thinking we can get sponsored or something.  We spent countless hours on the bus throwing out ideas.  If you have any, please share. 


About haileerustad

I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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