>Bed bugs again last night, tonight where to begin!

>I’ve been restless all day as I ran into bed bugs last night at Ummagumma in Antigua.   So, once again I moved hostels, sent 45 pieces of my clothing to be washed and off I went.

Just when you think that things can’t get any more disturbing, they do.

I went to a soccer (futbol) game today with my salsa teacher and the owners of my hotel. First game in Central America……holla!   Afterwards we stopped for beers and chiccharrones.  By the time night rolled around, I had picked up my laundry and made my way back to the hotel.  Was using my computer and salsa instructor returns very intoxicated, his plan to stay in the hotel as well.

I had been in my room, went down stairs to talk to man guarding hotel about drunk salsa instructor and how I really don’t want to share my dorm with him, he ensures me all is ok and I won’t have to.  I go up stairs only to find Andres (mr. salsa) naked in my room.  I immediately walk back down stairs and talk to guard man.  “Can you remove naked man from my room please?” (In spanish)  Again he ensured me all was ok.  He knew him.  The owners know him, I felt that this was a joke and wasnt really happening.

Stupidly, I trust guard man to remove him from my room.  I leave to go eat with my new Madagascar friend.  And return to something from a movie.  My room destroyed.  Half my washed clothes thrown about my room, my veggies tossed everywhere, other half of my clothes missing.  We go to other room where mr salsa is staying and my clothes/veggies are thrown about there too.  It turns weird.  Ha, ok more weird.  I start counting my clothes.  I took 45 pieces to the lavadaria and I only have 34 now.  Hmmm

My new friend looks at Mr Salsa and notices he’s got pink lacy undies on.  YES that is RIGHT.  He had on 2, not 1, but 2 pairs of my underwear.  And my jeans. And a shirt under his shirt.  Don’t worry, my wool socks too.  (wool socks really?)

I flip out.  He’s drunk.  He’s pretending not to know anything.  This dude, once my friend, my dancing teacher has on my underwear and all my clothes.   He’s trying to leave.  I push him down.  Guard man, aka not good guard man, seperates me from him for good reason and makes him change clothes.  I demand money for the night.  To rewash ALL of my clothes and for my veggies. Mr salsa doesn’t have 15Q, aka less than $2.  Guard man kicks him out after I get my clothes back.  And say’s he’s sorry.  I look at him like ‘really guard man, you’re sorry, do you really know how WEIRD this is, remember what we just saw, is this normal, you say sorry like it’s nothing.’

I laugh.  Can I really experience anything more?  Really?  Seriously I just saw a man with my pink lacy thong on.  Sorry for the description, but it’s needed.

Needless to say, no more salsa for me here in Antigua.  I need out of Antigua, but patiently waiting for my new ATM card to come.  Cross fingers it comes fast.  Not sure if I can handle this any longer.


About haileerustad

I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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2 Responses to >Bed bugs again last night, tonight where to begin!

  1. Ashley Dawn says:

    >Crazy night, Hails! Just glad you're ok and can walk away with a good story–it could have been much worse.

  2. Anna says:

    >I leave and all Hell breaks loose, it should be the other way around shouldn't it when all hell breaks loose when I come?! 🙂 I miss not being a part of your posts anymore

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