>Health benefits of Cayenne Pepper


My sister Angie has relayed a message to me:  Cayenne pepper has amazing benefits to the human body.  Told her I had a cold and she tells me to drink hot water with cayenne pepper, honey and lemon.  Sounds gross, not to mention, kind of crazy.

Did a little research and what do ya know, she’s right again!   Is this a current trend in the states?

Info below from OrganicFacts.net

The health benefits of cayenne pepper include weight loss, digestion, immunity, heart diseases, dyspepsia, inflammation, headache, throat congestion, and blood circulation.
Cayenne pepper belongs to the Capsicum family and its botanical name is Capsicum annuum. It is the red chili pepper that is used to add flavor in food and has high medicinal values. Cayenne contains vitamin Evitamin Cvitamin K, carotenoids and the complete B complexes. It is also a source of organic calciumpotassiummanganese and dietary fiber.

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