>It’s true. I came home!

>Most important thing of the day:  Happy Mothers day to you, mom.  To you, Kelly.  To my grandmas.  And to all those other mom’s out there!

Here’s what brought me home.  After Cuba.  It just felt right.  I’ll just say ‘my bag was getting heavy’ as the reason for coming home!

The price of the ticket was right.  So, I flew into Houston on Thursday.  Angie was able to keep the secret for a few days.  Surprised everyone.  My mom-through an email.  My aunt and cousins-in person.  Then Kelly and her family late yesterday afternoon.  My dad didn’t know it was me at first on the phone.  And my grandmas, well I wished them Happy Grandma’s day today with the news.

In Dallas now.  For how long who knows.  The reverse culture shock is hitting pretty hard.  Still having a hard time remembering that I need to FLUSH my toilet paper instead of throw it away.  It’s fantastic that I can brush my teeth from the water from the faucet, not a bottle!

My taste buds are on sensory overload.  Eating a pickle was fantastic!  Frozen pizza CHECK.  Sushi, oh yeah.  The salsa here can’t be hot enough.  I ate chocolate chips for the first time in 9 months and they were dreamy.

Not only is the food rocking my world.  The people, well, it’s a bit overwhelming.  Lots of my family members are assigning me tasks.  Let the SUCTION, the rush, of the US of A begin.  Goal #1:  see it, understand it, but avoid it.  I appreciate the life here, however societies norm isn’t appealing to me still.

I ask:  please be patient with me.  It’s hard to answer the ‘so how was your trip’ question.  Think about summing up this:
Costa Rica
El Salvador

and everything with that those countries present.  Tough stuff ehh?  I’ll try my best to describe these fantasy places with my words, however to best explain, I say you should go visit and experience it for yourself.

What’s next?  Who knows.  Right now I know I’ll be in Texas for the next week.  Then who knows?  I might ride a bike to Iowa.  Or jump over to Arkansas.  How long will I be in the US?  Maybe for the next year.

Working on the ‘next trip’ plans now.


About haileerustad

I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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3 Responses to >It’s true. I came home!

  1. Abbey says:

    >a pit stop in iowa is in order. I want the full story and not just the highlights and that is going to take a few friends and bottles of wine on my back patio. Let me know when to put it on the calendar!

  2. LizaK says:

    >Ha! Abbey commented first. I was going to say, you should pay a visit to NYC to swing your pendulum to the other end for a while. 🙂 My house is open to you!

  3. >Welcome home!! I see ypu've written about Cuba now that you were permitted back in 🙂 Forgot to mention peanut butter! lol.

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