Apologies for no blogs, but these feet have been busy.


Tim and I have been wandering around Utah and Colorado, exploring the National Parks in the area.  We walked into a giants wonder-land in Canyonlands and backpacked oyfully the Needles district for a few days.

fgrfmu.jpg After that, we got caught in the chaos of tourism in Arches Nat’l Park, we quickly skirted out of there, avoiding buses, umbrella holders, binoculars and trekking sticks on cement.

Mesa Verde Nat’l Park led us back in time to the year 600.  We explored ancient cliff dwellings built by the Puebolan people….how they built houses under these cliffs is beyond my imagination.  Favorite part…kid asks his dad “why did they build their houses so far from the road?”

Sand Dunes Nat’l park is a TRIP!  30 square miles, upwards of 750ft high of sand.  Blowing, hot, incredible sand.  This park butts up agains the San Isabel Mtns, we explored the dunes and the mtns, hiking to a true marvel, Lake Medano.

Now, we’re contemplating hiking a couple 14’ers but we’re in the midst of some forest fires here in Southern Colorado, so who knows.

Photos and a more detailed description of the parks to come.


About haileerustad

I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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One Response to Wanderlust

  1. Joan Rustad-Huisman says:

    Hailee, Tho Mesa Verde is one of our favorite —the national parks are great! sTay away from those fires! It is hot here too…103 or so today. quinn off to DC on 9th grade trip for 7 days. We wll be lonesome by the weekend!!! Our air conditioner dies…so we are moving slowly!

    Keep u[ the posts and photos! Thanks a lot.

    Busy cleaning my room…too many years of saving manipulatives for math—just can’t seem to part with them. But can’t bring it home.

    bye and take care. love joan

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