Arches National Park | Mesa Verde National Park

Tim enjoying the companionship of a hundred thousand tourists!!!!

Arches National Park during busy season is like being one of 50 million chickens running around, shooooed rapidly from place to place.  Tourists, with gigantic gaudy cameras hanging off their necks swarmed to every place there is a pull over, they brought out their umbrellas to shade them, afraid of the desert sun, unwilling to feel the elements like the sundrained rock has endured for millions of years.  They bring their hiking sticks out for the paved stairs, even heard one woman complaining about what the description of the 200yd hike was, saying “it was way more strenuous than they said.”

Double Arch

There is something about getting out, sweating the heat, feeling the earth, smelling the dust, stumbling over rocks and working for the view.  But over the years, Arches has given away to those lazy tourist complaints about being able to drive a car, stop and take a picture.   These picture taking tourists won Arches, as that’s all the park is now, a one road, no hiking/camping park.

Delicate Arch - The most photographed arch in the world- La Sal Mountains behind

The beauty of Delicate Arch and Double Arch are something to see, advice tho, go during low season (maybe early spring, late fall.)  Take your time.  Stroll a bit.  Question time, weather, civilizations, wilderness and endurance.

Mesa Verde Cliff Dwelling

Mesa Verde National Park, the first made Nat’l Park for cliff dwellings.  Hard to imagine back in the year 600 people living under these ledges, above canyons thousands of feet below.  Living.  Working the land.  Sharing their house dwelling with a hundred others.  Interesting to stand here, ponder what life might have been, how hard it was, how easy we have it now.

Cliff Dwelling at Mesa Verde (we skipped the tour)


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