Da UP ehh!

Went to visit Tim in Michigan.  He lives in the Upper Peninsula, location Houghton!  He moved there in July, started his research in his masters program at Michigan Tech.

Other than the 1 farm near Houghton, these were the only other I spotted, and from the air at that!

HOLY MOTHER-LOAD of things to do outside!  Lets just start with the abundance of trees this part of the world holds.  It makes sense why his soul is so drawn here.   HA, yes, abundance of trees and lack of people!  You can go for a very long time and not see another living being, and if three, then that’s a lot!

Learning how to ride a mtn bike!

We went mtn biking.  WOW, AWESOME!  For you Iowans out there, riding a mtn bike does not mean you’re mtn biking, I highly suggest you finding mtns or steep hills to try this!  If you don’t crash and break all of your limbs, you’ll do it again!  If you do crash, you’ll probably still do it again, just after you heal.

Talk about beaches........in MICHIGAN? YES!

The keevenaw offers great hiking, sweet beaches for ample swimming opportunities, just as long as your cold blooded.  The locals think it’s warm.  HA, lie!  It’s a bone chilling delight tho!  Remember, we’re talking about the worlds largest fresh water lake here.  Good ole Lake Superior, righly named and deserving respect.  Water so clean you can hardly believe its not bath water!


Reaping the benefits of our hard work!

Blueberries, everywhere!

We hiked, picked thimble-berries (enough to make a batch of jam,) then found raspberries and under a stand of Jack Pines we harvested and ate handfuls of blueberries.

So, thimble-berries are new to me.  Read up here if you’re interested about them (do it!) They’re delicious and awesome.  When looking up more info, found this:


Thimbleberry fruits are larger, flatter, and softer than raspberries, and have many small seeds. Because the fruit is so soft, it does not pack or ship well, so thimbleberries are rarely cultivated commercially. However, wild thimbleberries make an excellent jam which is sold as a local delicacy in some parts of their range, notably in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan. Thimbleberry jam is easily made by combining equal volumes of berries and sugar and boiling the mixture for two minutes before packing it into jars. The fruits can be eaten raw or dried,[5] but they are not always very palatable.[6] Many parts of the plant were used for a great variety of medicinal purposes by Native Americans.[5][7]


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I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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