Sharks teeth treasures

The waters’ rumble is creating a trance-like environment.  The sound behind, in the vast enormity of the ocean, is consistent, speaking to my soul.  My eyes are taking me deeper and deeper into another world as I look below.  My feet connected to a velvet layer of sand being cleaned by thousands of salt crystals.  A wave crashes and water runs up my leg with surprise.  I JUMP!  “whew a little shocking chill when I wasn’t looking or really, coherent!”

My eyes are mesmerized with the shell beds that line the beach coastline.  There are millions of little pieces, shells, stones, and fossils from millions of years, all combined into small, compact patches on the beach.  They roll in, they roll out, they roll sideways and do it all again with every set of waves.  Creating a chiming affect; the oceans melody singing along.

Sharks teeth found in Jacksonville during day 1 of the hunt!

“Ahhh!!!!! There’s one, grab it quick, here comes another wave, Yes, this one’s awesome, ok, is that one?  No, broken piece of a shell, throw it back.”  Talking to myself has become normal and quite satisfying.

Sharks teeth are too fascinating to let out of sight.  Fossilized for 25 million years or more, and who knows what they ate when they were living   They’re abundant here in JAX…if you’re eyes can be trained to look for their shape and your instinctive ‘dash and grab’ is quick enough!  Otherwise, the next wave will wash your next big treasure right back to where it came from.

Shark tooth 101 via Cinda to Vik!

Mom, Vik and I searching for our next tooth

Finding sharks teeth in Jacksonville has been a favorite family hobby since 2003.  And it never gets old.  Maybe that’s why my mom and Daryle have collected over 15,000 teeth!

Every time my feet touch the sand the thought of “maybe today’s the day for the big one” crosses my mind.  You know, like fisherman do!  That thought, just keeps feeding the addictive hobby!

In-case you were interested:   In ten years an average Tiger shark can produce as many as 24,000 teeth.  All shark species continually shed their teeth and grow new.  They have more than 40 in each jaw.  Below the teeth they use currently are seven more rows of teeth developing to replace the shed or lost.

Most of the teeth we found are from bull sharks, mako sharks, tiger sharks and sand sharks.



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I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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