One cheek hanging out

You know the exciting feeling when you have people coming to visit you.  Friends from far away lands coming to your home turf.  Gotta show ’em around, ignite ideas and lead adventures to hidden, magical places!   Get the picture I’m painting?

Recently there’ve been a handful of friends sporatically showing up (planned too) in Minturn for a little taste of mountain life.

First things first when people come and that’s:  SNOW!

My sister Angie came out in December for a few days and…Congrats to her and Vik.  They got engaged!!!!

Ski 'fiances'

Then came sweet Mary.  She came for her spirit and well, we took her skate skiing for the first time.  Interested to know if that was spiritual for her!?!

Then the spontaneous Christen.  She got a text that we were headed heli skiing the next day.  She drove 15 hours from Tahoe to join us.  One – of – a – kind!

And most recently my bestie came.  Anna and her enthusiastic self came for almost a week.  She even brought Brian along for good times.  Talk about people who are up for anything!!!  With these two, is where the story ‘One cheek hanging out’ comes from.

And the story begins…..

Anna and Brians last ski day started with 9″ of fresh powder.  With exuberance, we were up scampering in the morning, with hopes to catch first chair up the mountain at 8:30am!  And by golly, we made it!  It was a day filled with spills and loud, boisterous laughter.  Falling finally became fun for Anna, she was learning to snowboard.

We’d made our way all over the mountain, extended their rental car for another day so they could stay another night and were on the top of Vail, on top of life…on a snow high!!!

On top we had two options:  Black Diamond Expert terrain or a green run.  We choose green.  And being the adventurous one looking for more powder, I decided “ahh it’s a green run, I’ll just jump in these trees for a quick tick, see if I can find some powder stashes and beat the group down the mountain.”   Funny how thoughts and actual happenings are so different.

I ducked in the trees.  They were tighter than expected.  My legs started working.  Back forth, back forth, toe edge, heel edge.  I was cooking.  And then I hit a tree top (this means there wasn’t sufficent snow in there and that I was a greedy snow idiot!)  I proceed to over compensate for the weight shift, loose balance, scrape my butt on the tree behind me.  Not only did it scrape me, it caught me and sucked me right in a mini tree-well.  So, legs attached to my board sticking straight in the air, butt in the snow and my head near my feet.  You get the picture?  (a V of sorts)

After unstraping from my board, wrestling the HUGE 2 inch diameter tree that jumped out and bit me, I was again standing.  Helplessly out of breath.  I noticed a little tingle on my right butt cheek.  Took off my glove and reached around.  Only to find skin touching skin.   “GREAT, PERFECT, SUPER…..a powder day, stuck in the trees and I rip my snow pants 4 inches wide and all my other layers, straight to my skin and…low and behold ripped my butt.  Im in the woods and my butts bleeding.  Sweet!”

Strapped back in and out of the trees now, I see my trusty friends waiting patiently for me and my ripped butt.  I think there may have been ‘head-tilted-back’ laughter from the group!

A humbling experience waiting in a lift line with one cheek bare.  And even more humbling asking a ski patroler to ‘tape my butt please!’




About haileerustad

I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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