The more you fall, the better you get?

My good friend Jake once said, while snowboarding, “If you’re not falling, you’re not trying.”

You can apply that concept to most things in life, the wise words… ‘Failure=Success’

I’d like to say that the concept works perfectly for mountain biking, if it doesn’t, I’m not sure why there are so many scrapes and bruises on my body today.  Something about falling off of a mountain bike, makes me more fearless for the next time.

Yesterday, I was riding alone, trying to get my Colorado lungs/bike legs back after 3 weeks of travel and restaurant food.  The ride went something like this:  climb up road to trailhead (gasp for air,) start decending so fast eyes water, meet hiker w dog, small dog, I’d like to kick, bites my leg (I scream “owe,” out of fear but it didn’t really hurt, no blood,) continue biking, almost fall off while being jostled by rocks, smile because I didn’t fall, continue biking, almost done, climb, climb, switchbacks, gasp for air, legs are now shaking, continue biking, tree stumps attempt to stop me, doesn’t work, gasp for air, continue biking, one last itty bitty climb on the side of the mtn, gasp for air, pedal, pedal, pedal, fail, I fall over…in the wrong direction and can’t get unclipped from my pedals, my bike stays w tree near trail, I tumble down side of mtn with branches stopping my fall, feel around, nothing broken, not much blood, hike back to bike, continue biking!

Anyone else feel like that?

Yeti love on Meadow Mountain

Mountain Biking with Kat

Rocking out with Venture Sports!

View from Meadow Mountain looking towards Vail






About haileerustad

I love everything. I do things differently. Tending to avoid conformity. Accepting unknown adventure whenever its presented. My mission is to live, let life flow through me with endless energy. Exciting and empowering others to find their natural happiness. As life is, all perception.
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One Response to The more you fall, the better you get?

  1. brianbrifri says:

    I agree! Here in STL I usually take a break mid-summer from biking because of the high heat+humidity. For instance, this summer we hit highs of 107 with 90% humidity. After that break, which is now, I have to get back into gear and get in shape again. It’s rough, haha. I know exactly how you feel (minus the Colorado air) but I love how much fun it is to be in shape again and be able to go all out and have a blast!
    Thanks for the read!

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