Hey! Howdy! Hola!

I’m Hailee. I’m a vagabond. An enthusiastic wandering-soul, meandering through the world exploring anything and everything that comes my way. A few of my favorite things are (there is close to a bajillion): traveling, biking, snowboarding, hugging, drinking tea, reading, laughing, meeting new people and sledding.

I grew up on a farm near Northwood, Iowa. Graduated from Iowa State University.  Worked for Red Bull a few years.  Decided that learning Spanish and travel in Central America sounded fantastic.  Loved that! Came back state-side.  Been on a few long bicycle tours in the US. And have met thousands of extraordinary people in every walk of life along the way. I work for a handful of marketing agencies as a contract producer or field manager. My heart resides in the mountains of Colorado, in a small town called Minturn.

I work at Vail Custom Working, I travel and I write.

I also thrive on living in the moment because…Living, really living, is important to me.  How often do we forget to do snowangels, hug another person or converse with those from different backgrounds.  Life’s too short not to experience everything.


These continue to change as more experiences come my way. That’s what is great about personal philosophies. If you’re interested, here are my set of BELIEFS:

I believe that life is all perception. It’s how you choose to see yourself and your life that will define your happiness. Life is a series of choices and chances. If you get a chance, take it.  If it changes your life, let it. I call this LIVEABILITY.

I believe that the more you give in life: of yourself, of your happiness or of any in-particular thing, object or dollar the more you will get in return. Give more.

I believe in travel and the mysterious process it has to answer questions you didn’t know you were asking. In the moments where you’re lost that become the most self-defining times of life. I believe that character is defined when everything goes wrong. It’s how you handle yourself in those unplanned situations that shows your true colors. I believe that unknown situations, places and experiences are best for learning who you are and who you strive to become.

I believe in love. It’s all encompassing force. I believe in all kinds of it: the euphoric joy, the kindred spirit kind, the appreciative heart, the way it makes you smile, jump, laugh and cry.  All of it!


3 Responses to About

  1. I knew Rustad’s in days of yore. Do you relate possibly to Harold, Mavis, or Rena?

  2. Jocelyn Vande Velde says:

    Looking good girl. Your Texas Chainsaw story is crazy. Keep it rolling, but don’t get in trouble in underground lairs! Stay safe and have a hell of a time.

  3. I went to ISU as well! Graphic design ’10. Living in Texas now. Bananas crazy!

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