If you’d like to chat further, please email me:


4 Responses to Contact

  1. Kelvin Hendrikson says:

    Hailee! I just read the Des Moines Register article and have been trying to keep up with you adventures via Facebook. You make me so envious of your lifestyle! Please tell me you will be riding through Phoenix on your way across Arizona? I live in the East Valley in Scottsdale and would love to host you and your friend if you come through this way. Feel free to email or call me or 480-259-7858.

    Safe Travels!


  2. This is awesome Hailee!

    I actually just moved to San Antonio in mid February. Not sure if it’s on your path or not but if it is I would love to see you, give you a couch to sleep on, buy you drinks, provide you guys dinner and maybe show you guys around town briefly.

    Let me know either way.

    Safe Travels.

    Cody Knop.

  3. Kris Danielson says:

    I somehow came across this site, I used to be room mates with tim first year in college at MTU. This trek you guys are taking is awesome. If you could pass this on to tim, i would love to hear from him.
    Kris Danielson
    906 458 6589

  4. willliam.0 says:

    Hello Hailee and Tim,

    I just happened to read your blog (uncommon to do) and decided to write. It has been fun watching your trip and definitely nice having you in silver city. I sent you a copy of “Living differently” at your Iowa address. Enjoy. Living differently is an attitude more than a behavior. Chapter one is the most difficult, but most essential, to get through. It really takes a lifetime to conquer. Continue your journey.


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