Red Bull Crashed Ice St. Paul 2013

Red Bull Crashed Ice

T minus 13 days and 9 or so hours, it’s going to be insane!

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Royce Owen Chadha

My sister Angie and her husband Vik are now proud parents of my newest nephew.  Little Royce was born on November 7th at 12.55am.  He came into this world at 7 lbs 14 ounces and was 20 3/4in in length.

He’s adorable.  A little peanut.  A precious nugget.  Who coo’s and occasionally wakes from his deep slumber to show off his dark eyes and give us a glimpse of what his smile will soon be.

For all of Angie and Vik’s friends:  they’re doing well.  Such happy and joyful parents.  A little sleepless (insert vision of Vik wearing a sleeping eye patch as he walks around the house.)  So many new moments for them…it’s been an incredible experience to watch from the sidelines.

Sweet baby Royce has been busy eating.  And sleeping.   And eating.   He’s been being watched closely for his bilirubin count.  Things I didn’t know where important, but for all you parents out there:  his diapers are changing to green, no longer black.  He’s latching.  He’s got the handsome look of his daddy.  He has long fingers, loves sleeping on his mommy and enjoys long walks on the beach!

Namaste Royce Owen

Sleeping on his mommy

Fighting Jaundice

Day 1


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“Recent Lessons…” Journal Entry June 13th.

Looking back at written words and appreciating where I was in life when they were written.  Thinking the June 13th learnings can forever apply.

On this day, I found myself in Canada, on a bike, pedaling towards Glacier National Park in Montana, overwhelmed with joy.  As life in the past week had been filled with exceptional people redirecting my life, rearranging my thoughts and reminding me of all that is GREAT in this world.  Here are a few of the take-aways/pieces of advice that were given to me:

  • Take advice from those you want to be like.
  • Live happily and do it for yourself.
  • Generosity is everywhere.  Take part in it.  Share life.  Remember to say thank you.
  • Although things don’t always go as planned, it’s meant to happen that way in the long run.
  • Listen more.  Ask more questions.
  • It’s okay to move at different paces.  There is no race or bragging reason, just get to the top when you’re ready.
  • Anyone that has a yurt must be conversed with.
  • Spend more time listening to Canadians.   And when replying, always add ‘ehh’ to the end of the sentence.
  • Talk to strangers as much as possible.  People are genuinely good.
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Find your most “ALIVE” living

Some people say we live life through seasons.  Some say stages.  Some say we live a life patterned by waves.  Whatever way you see life, have you ever pinpointed your most ALIVE living?

We humans often let our happiest life moments pass quickly.  Marking a highlight and labeling it as ‘probably won’t ever happen again.’  When, more times than not, we can live more of those moments, turn them into days, weeks, years and into the rest of our lives.

A dear friend just recently asked me “What’s your perfect Colorado day?”  Easy  answer:  sunshine and outdoors.  With more description requested, it came into a aesthetically detailed account of adventure and then the next three days, it came to reality, over and over.  That got me thinking….Why don’t we seek out to live our happiest of days, everyday?

Is it too planned then?  Telling yourself that you’ll wake up and all things that happen will make you happy?

ALIVE moment # 717 in Colorado. Heli Skiing in Silverton, CO

Maybe it doesn’t have to look like that.  I say, live freely to feel ALIVE. We must not turn our backs on life again.  Surround ourselves by the people that make us feel most alive, in the places that bring our souls to song, actively seeking the things that we choose, that our eyes see as the best things we can do to make this world a better place.  Challenged daily if you seek challenges.  Opportunities there, if you keep your eyes open, for you to say “YES” repeatedly.  Be-a-YES-person.

You wake-up smiling, you’re in the right place.  You find yourself surrounded by fantastic beings, who are willing and wanting to share the day.  The daily activities couldn’t be more perfect.  If you’re a risk taker, then the challenges are high.  If you’re a reader, the book has you on the edge of your seat, tornadically flipping pages.  If you’re a lover of sound, music comes to you from leaves, water and Mumford songs.

But then again, maybe your most ALIVE living doesn’t have to do with where you are and with whom you’re surrounded by.  Maybe, feeling ALIVE is all perception.

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Banned Books Similar to the 2012 Election

Thirty-three days and counting until we don’t have to listen/read any more about political lies, dramatically proposed plans to save our country or talk about our nations 47%.  Oh, how the media’s power of persuasion can corrupt a person’s individual thought.

With all the political talk, do you find that we forget to find the lessons of today and banter on a side of the opinion we find most fit?  Isn’t there always something to learn?

Made me think politics and this book list are similarly tied.  We complain today, saying “this just isn’t right, we need this, we can’t live with that” when, in the future, looking back, we’ll probably praise the work being done.  Take a look at the 10 Most Commonly Banned Books.  How interesting that “To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, and Catch 22” all fall under the list.

What’s blinding today could be what we study in twenty years.


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Puddle Dunkin’

It’s Jakes Birthday!  Happy Birthday Jake!  He wants to ride his bike as many miles as he is old.  COOL IDEA!   Just not average.  Not everyone is pumped about getting up at 5 a.m. to go on a 6 a.m. mountain bike ride. The more time I spend in Colorado the more I accept:  Life here isn’t average!

We get to the trail head at 6:30 a.m.  And it’s just us.  Kari has an early meeting.  Some other friends don’t show, probably staying tucked under their down comfortors, as it’s 32 degrees outside.

We crank up the trail.  Heating ourselves, lungs and legs burning.   It’s a four mile climb. I’m exasperated, slowly expiring by the time we reach the cabin that marks the top of the climb.  From there, a 6-7 mile descent on single track. Over the craggy rocks, the slippery, fallen Aspen leaves and bouncing around or on the worn roots.  Swooping turns through the trees on a tight track take us to an open meadow.  The sun is kissing the fall colors, the sight is stunning.  Almost painful it’s so beautiful.  My legs are tired.  My feet are numb (it feels like bricks are attached to the ends of my legs.) But it’s a perfect day!

Jake’s so fast he disappears immediately after we start.  Still not sure how he does that! We’re almost done now.  The brisk morning is starting for everyone else.  We’re close to the road and can hear the traffic pass as we’re still engulfed by the golden Aspen forest of quiet beauty.  A few steep descents and we’re whisked away.  I remember from last week the tricky water crossing that is mostly mud.  I see Jake, he goes for it making a few comments about the mud.   And then….this is where it gets good….all I remember is pulling my face from the mud sledge of a puddle.  My body is tangled with my bike.  I can’t move my arm.  SHOCK. FRIGHT. HILARITY all are pumping through my adrenaline veins.  My mouth is filled with puddle.  So are my ears.  And my eyes.  And my nose.  And my entire right side.  A few seconds that feel like millenniums pass and I can breathe again.  My arm moves.  Jake has stopped, probably because of the ‘body-meet giant puddle’ slapping noise. He walks over, helps remove the bike from my body and starts to laugh once I say that “I’m ok.”

I gather my pride from the mud, my strength from the rocks and my smile.  We head down the trail.  I have turned into a mud monster.  LUCKILY, the school where Kari teaches is at the end of the trail.  I take off my drenched, blackened layers, load my bike up and opt to drive home instead of ride.  The car tells me it’s 45 degrees out now.  My body says:  “thanks for the exfoliation,  it’s time for a hot shower and a toothbrush!”

‘If you crash, crash well!’

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Melanzana: Locally-made clothing

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  I’m not a fashion blogger nor a trend setter when it comes to clothing.  That being said it is rare and very unusual for me to want to spread the word on material items that cover your skin.

This post is different.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to Melanzana through friends.  And since, have introduced Melanzana to more friends.  Because…. Melanzana is incredible.  The locally-made outdoor clothing company just gets it.  Put performance to the test from a small business located up in Leadville, Colorado.

If you’re looking for gifts for others or have been searching for the most extraordinary outdoor fleeces, jackets or even socks.  Check it out.  Be local-buy local.

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